New guy with a new boat, and a couple questions...

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New guy with a new boat, and a couple questions...

Post by LittleTinny » 02 Apr 2013, 15:32

Hey all, I'm new here, but have been lurking for the past few days, reading, learning and stealing some ideas. Some truly amazing little rigs on here! Well I just finally got my first boat, it's an older (year unknown) Sears 12' aluminum flat-bottom Jon boat. After some searching and bargaining, I managed to find this little number for free! So this has become my "budget boat build". My goal is to keep everything very cheap, if not free, by scouring craigslist, asking around, and using recycled materials.

So I'm going to pick up the boat tonight, and with it's size, I'm just going to be hauling it around for now in the back of (or if it won't slide-in, on top of) my grand Cherokee, instead of trailering it. Save a little on registration, too haha. It's just the boat, nothing extra.

Now I've also scoured around and managed to find a FREE, fully working, good condition small 12V trolling motor. It's an old MotorGuide Warrior 12V, 24LB thrust motor, with forward and reverse speeds. I don't know how, but I can't beat free. Picking this up on Saturday.

Currently trying to find a pair of simple folding seats, and then I just need to buy a battery and drybox, and the necessary goodies like emergency paddles, vests, etc.

My plans for this boat are to keep it pretty simple. First, the original owner had every single rivet on this boat sealed up and water-tested, and he vows it's all good, just used it last summer. I still want to go a step further however, and coat the bottom, inside and out, with some kind of sealer, but I'm undecided what. I want a simple spray-on, paint-able material, I was thinking like Rustoleum rubberized undercoating or the truck bed liner stuff, does any one have any suggestions for something I can spray over the aluminum, and still paint over?

After I seal the bottom, I'm going to spray it with a couple light coats of self-etching primer for alum. and then spray it flat OD green, the entire thing.

One thing I'm very undecided about is the floor. My aim is to keep this very light. It will be frequently two heavier adults at all times, probably around 400lbs of people, or so, plus a little weight in gear. I really don't want to add any unnecessary weight, which is why I think I'm going to pass on any floors or decking. I planned on just putting like 3/4 plywood between the ribs, and laying the floor & benches in carpet, but I think I would rather avoid that weight, and just simply spray a a good coating of truck bed liner down for sealing and non-slip grip. Any suggestions?

My one other concern is my motor choice. Will a 24LB get me around ok? I won't be out anywhere rough; calm, small lakes, and only fishing along shorelines. I want to avoid a gas motor because of the weight, and most of our lakes are elec. only. I was wondering if the 24 will suffice (I'm not trying to make a speed boat lol) or if I should get the minn kota 36LB at wal mart for $100? Just trying to avoid wasting any coin, haha.

Any suggestions are much appreciated, attaching a few pictures too.



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New guy with a new boat, and a couple questions...

Post by cfh1177 » 02 Apr 2013, 20:52

A free working TM is worth trying out. Should move the boat with you in it just find. Now, two grown men @ 400# in a 12' Jon? What does your capacity plate say? Can't beat the price your shelling out so far :wink:
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New guy with a new boat, and a couple questions...

Post by TheMaestro » 02 Apr 2013, 21:38

Welcome! Nice finds on the free stuff =D>
For you floor, you could do something like I did in my build...very lightweight, feels good and non slip. The link to my build is below, I thin the floor is on page 2-3.
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Re: New guy with a new boat, and a couple questions...

Post by LittleTinny » 03 Apr 2013, 09:19

Thanks guys, my capacity plate states 500lbs, so hopefully we will be alright, just no dancing around lol. Frequently, it will be just my gf and I, which will be less to worry about. Yeah I figured for free, can't hurt to try it, right? If not I can always sell it and put that towards a bigger one.

Maestro- thanks ill check that out, as I would really like to have some form of flat floor at least mainly in the rear and middle, so no one trips on the ribs.

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New guy with a new boat, and a couple questions...

Post by drum » 07 May 2013, 20:48

if you have a gas motor one day ,that spray on rubber will not work. I used it on the step rail for a fire truck, the side with out the fuel tank worked well, but the side with the fuel tank never cured and was a mess. after thay spilt fuel on it.

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