Cavitation spoon design

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Cavitation spoon design

Post by Paintman » 07 May 2017, 17:13

Ok well lake tested and have some cavitation,I'm assuming some sort of spoon design,but how tall and how big and where at? Thanks

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Cavitation spoon design

Post by CedarRiverScooter » 07 May 2017, 20:00

I had same problem, solved it by extending the inlet ramp about 4 foot fwd. Made it as smooth as possible. Any steps set up turbulence & feed air to the pump.

Other guys have made a hump, which is where the spoon moniker comes from.

I would just pop rivet your choice of spoon panel on, then weld it solid after you know it works. It's definitely black art.

Edit - Rivets were a bad suggestion, maybe try gluing the prototype panel on with locktite S6 roofing adhesive, good stuff for $5 a tube.

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