All electric boat

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All electric boat

Post by Thomatime » 25 Feb 2019, 20:31

I’m looking to purchase or put together a electric jon boat for reservior fishing. Can someone point me the correct way to purchase a electric outboard engine or jon boat already equipped with an all electric engine. I prefer atleast 5hp and up with a 15 ft or more jon boat.

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All electric boat

Post by shaggist » 07 Apr 2019, 10:56

There is a company named Torgeedo that makes electric outboards up to 80 hp, but you better have real deep pockets or access to a Gov't loan program. See if they will fit your need.

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All electric boat

Post by CedarRiverScooter » 07 Apr 2019, 18:05

Maybe you could gang a couple of high-thrust trolling motors together.

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All electric boat

Post by gnappi » 12 Apr 2019, 14:22

Elco electric motors have higher HP ratings and are a lot less $ per HP.

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Re: All electric boat

Post by Crazyboat » 07 Jul 2019, 17:46

If you wanted to make a home made kit, you could do like they do with mud motors and attach a 5 HP electric motor to a direct drive shaft, add a prop and batteries to your liking.

How fast are you looking to go, with a light rig I doubt 5 HP will be enough to get you on plane with all that battery weight. I'd think that 1-2 HP will get you moving at hull speed and make those batteries last longer too.

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