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Post by Waterwings » 20 Jan 2011, 11:25

Jim wrote:
Waterwings wrote:here's something along those lines:

Yes! Almost there!

The price hurts though. :LOL2:

Absolutely. Around $900 :shock:
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Post by caveman » 20 Jan 2011, 14:45

I found this if any one wants the card best buy has 10% off with this coupon
I am just trying to help,hope yall can use it.


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Post by jameswdj96 » 26 Jul 2019, 21:40

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Post by lovedr79 » 31 Jul 2019, 10:28

and it needs some sort of flotation, can we get this feature for cell phones too?

Jim wrote:
20 Jan 2011, 08:42
robr3004 wrote:It Would be nice is camera manufacturer would start adding Wi-Fi right to the camera too. I mean our little cell phones have it, why not a camera. While I'm at it.....GPS would be nice too. :D
Agree 100%

They need to listen to us! :LOL2:

1, small camera
2, super long wide Zoom
3, Hi def video also(that allows you to zoom in and out while recording)
4, Waterproof to at least 10 feet(If not more)
5, Built in Wifi and GPS

Is this so hard to ask for? For Petes sake, we sent people to the moon. :LOL2:
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