Anyone ever use a Wagner for this...

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Anyone ever use a Wagner for this...

Post by lukeoutlaw » 28 Jul 2014, 09:58

I'm curious about using the Rustoleum Top Side paint with the Anti-Slip addictive in my Wagner sprayer. Has anyone else tried this before? I don't wanna clog up the tip with the pumice additive. Or would it be better to spray the boat first, then use a shaker to lay down the additive and go over it again with a second and third coating?

This will be for the inside of my Tracker 1448 Grizzly.


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Anyone ever use a Wagner for this...

Post by earl60446 » 28 Jul 2014, 11:16

I have one of those wagner sprayers and my impression is that paint has to be pretty thin to use it. Almost like a stain viscosity unless mine is defective in some way. In any case, pumice in the paint sounds impossible to me.
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