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float pods/sponsons on a tracker 1542?

Posted: 07 May 2013, 10:16
by Leelatt
hope this question wasn't asked in a previous thread, I tried searching but couldn't find one for the 1542.

Has anyone installed or have seen float pods on a a tracker 1542 or any flat bottom 1542? Does it actually help and does the motor have enough clearance for turning?
I've seen the beaver tail ones mentioned, but haven't seen or heard of them installed on a 1542, would like input before pulling the trigger and ordering a set only to find out they don't work so well on my boat.

I ask because I'm having an issue with the way my boat rides with the motor on it. I finally got around to putting my 1994 15hp rude on my tracker 1542, however the waterline is 3-4 inches below the top of the transom and to me this is an issue. I already have as much weight in the front of the boat as I can to balance it out. I have full casting decks on the boat from the mid bench to the bow and from the rear bench to the transom.

In the front of the boat I have 2x 45lbs gym plates, 2x group 29 dc batteries (65lbs measured, and they're more like mid front then very front of the boat), 80# MK terrova (~60lbs) and a passenger (my buddy is about 200lbs). in the rear is the motor (~60-70lbs), gas tank (~20lbs), and myself (~190lbs). so that's 400lbs up front and 280/300lbs in the rear. and it still rides stern heavy.

any ideas, pictures, suggestions, are all greatly appreciated, hoping to get the boat out as much as possible this summer as I'll have a ton of free time :)



float pods/sponsons on a tracker 1542?

Posted: 07 May 2013, 21:26
by sbritt23
I honestly dont know why you would need pods on that boat with a 15. You might have some water logged foam on the back bench making it stern heavy... I got a 1648 flat bottom with jack plate so i have 6 inches set back its rated for a 25 but i have a 93 40 rude on it and with that set back it acts like a lever and makes it stern heavy and wigh me (189 lbs) 6 gallons of gas and a battery im sitting 6-9" from the top of the transom.. Im going to buy some pods for mine cause where i fish and stuff i could use them. And to anwser your question yes they work they do wonders look up country daves thread in the conversion section and check out his 115 on a 17 ft boat if he didnt have them pods that boat would sink.

float pods/sponsons on a tracker 1542?

Posted: 07 May 2013, 21:29
by lovedr79
I have several inches on mine, all I have is a 1448 side console and a heavy 4 stroke 20hp. I weigh 180 and can have another guy that weighs 200 sitting the back with me. I think u have some water logged foam.

float pods/sponsons on a tracker 1542?

Posted: 07 May 2013, 21:30
by lovedr79
And yes pods are awesome

float pods/sponsons on a tracker 1542?

Posted: 08 May 2013, 19:02
by bassboy1
From the sounds of it, you should have enough weight in the bow, so waterlogged foam certainly could be the problem.

That being said, if you solve that issue, and still think you could benefit from a set of pods, give me a ring before you order. We can custom make the pods to fit your boat and motor, so you won't have any steering interference issues, but still make the most of the available transom space.

You'll probably find them to be a much better match for your boat than a prefabricated size.

Just another option that might be of benefit.


FishOn Fabrications

float pods/sponsons on a tracker 1542?

Posted: 09 May 2013, 11:39
by Leelatt
Thanks for the info guys!

To check the foam I'd have to cut into the benches to get at it, I do know that the foam that was in the middle bench was sealed in plastic, so I'd guess the rest of the foam is the same way. Also, the boat has been sitting in my heated garage for the last 4 months, so it's been in a warm dry environment, would the foam dry out?

if it is water logged, should I just replace it and if so, what would be a suitable replacement?