1999 Tracker Pro Team 185

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1999 Tracker Pro Team 185

Post by mattb91193 » 15 Feb 2013, 01:30

So I am going to look at this boat on Sunday. Its a 1999, with the 90 hp mercury. He wants $2,500 for it and won't go a bit lower which seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Is there anything special with these I should be looking for when looking over the boat?

What should I be paying most of my attention to? Obviously the boat needs some carpet, but that is pretty easy to replace right?

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1999 Tracker Pro Team 185

Post by Loweman » 15 Feb 2013, 10:40

Nice looking dual console ride. Doesn't look from the photos that you can put it in the water anytime soon to test, or maybe even run the outboard with earmuffs and hose, which would be my first concern.
If you look at some of the carpeting threads/posts, I don't think you'll find anyone agreeing that it is easy to do. Not high tech, but obviously labor intensive... You might also find more project work when you rip out the carpet and find some mushy or deteriorating decking.
Lots of other things to check and decide if for you in terms of more project work (electrical problems, transom condition, hull/rivets leaking, etc...) The price looks great, but you get what you pay for. 8)
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1999 Tracker Pro Team 185

Post by Jim » 15 Feb 2013, 10:51

Nice boat at an awesome price!

Good luck with it! =D>
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1999 Tracker Pro Team 185

Post by TNtroller » 15 Feb 2013, 12:13

suggest you check the floors for rot, and the transom as well, especially if always stored outside in the elements. Believe the trackers had wood in the transom back then

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1999 Tracker Pro Team 185

Post by red95gtcoupe » 17 Feb 2013, 18:39

I paid $2000 for an 88 bass tracker in worse condition. Check all that was mentioned, as well as for cracks in the hull. Mine had several along each side around where the console is. Here are pics of mine when I was tearing it apart.

http://www.tinboats.net/forum/viewtopic ... 21&t=28434

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