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Boating related questions,small projects, custom work and talk go here.
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Hi everyone
I found this site last week while searching for some trailer info and decided to join.
Have been doing alot of reading since then and i must say that
i am impressed at the knowledege and workmanship that i have
seen so far. And some of the ideas that i have seen and read
are great. I have a 14' flat bottom jon boat with 15hp evenrude
that i bought new in 93. i use it in fresh and salt water. Well It
has been sitting for about 4 years due to some issues,but now
i want to get it going again. Im surebyou will be hearing from me
shortly with a motor that hasn't been started i 4 years. :roll:
again great site Scott

Mike P
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Post by Mike P »

Sounds like a nice setup. Good luck getting her going again.

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