A loss in translation

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A loss in translation

Post by gnappi » 15 Mar 2019, 16:32

An Italian man "from the other side" (of the ocean... Italy in my family) went to the doctor (with a VERY Italian accent) complaining he had nine children and couldn't afford another... and "rhythm"' was not working.

The doctor gave him condoms and said... "put these on your organ before sex and you won't have any more children"

Well a few months later the man came to see the doctor...

"Doktorrr I'm a gonna fu@#in a KILL you, my wife a she'sa preg again with a bambino"

The doctor said, "hold on did you put the condom correctly on your organ"?

The man said, "A sure, buta I no havea organ so I puta them ona my piano"

Gary (in South Florida)

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