A Different Trout Recipe

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A Different Trout Recipe

Post by LDUBS » 26 Jun 2019, 18:12

Mrs Ldubs has a recipe she uses for salmon fillets that is fantastic (especially with steamed rice). She mixes Lipton onion soup mix with Mayo. Smears that on top of the salmon fillet and then tops with sliced tomatoes. Into the oven and voila, terrific salmon dish.

She used the same recipe recently on some trout filets. She skipped the tomato slices cause we didn't have any. Came out pretty good.

Trout Bake.jpg

BTW, Lipton onion soup mix can be used to make some pretty darn good roasted potatoes. Check it at their web site.
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A Different Trout Recipe

Post by lovedr79 » 29 Jun 2019, 07:21

awesome. i might have to try this
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