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Klamath 14' modifications

Posted: 24 Feb 2018, 15:38
by andrewschuh
I picked up a Klamath and 15hp 2 stroke in great condition. I really what was done in : ... 21&t=13158 and I'd like to mimic that setup a bit for the Klamath. One of the things I'm confused on is if you run a deck out from the front seat to front of boat, how do you "connect" the front part of the deck to the boat? Or do you just let it "sit" there? Presumably, the "whole front deck piece" can be connected to the front seat and the little aluminum triangle at the front of the boat, but that's about all I have to work w/ I think. I've picked up on old alum extension ladder to pull structural parts from, either "ladder and rung" or just the "ladder" I-beam parts and I figure I can use that in some fashion to support down to the boat bottom from the "middle" part of this front deck piece. I figure if I put the ladder piece in, it will loosely rub on either the sides of the boat or the bottom, depending on which direction I put it in to provide support. Should I put wood or rubber or something on the ends of the aluminum to reduce potential chattering kind of noise?

Klamath 14' modifications

Posted: 24 Feb 2018, 16:37
I have the Klamath 15' Advantage. It is basically the same layout as yours except the middle bench is a walk through. My bow area came with a deck like you are building. Mine has a hatch in the bow deck. It came that way when I bought it so I really can't help with how it is supported, but there are plenty of builds w/photos here on that will give some ideas.

PS: I like the cool blue color of the inside of your boat.

Klamath 14' modifications

Posted: 02 May 2018, 21:09
by andrewschuh
I have another question for folks on here. I'm trying to add a few SWVL EZE seat mounts. I've seen some pretty stable setups for seats and now I'm wondering if mine are stable enough. Seems like the radius of these seats is 9 inches or something w/ 6 mount points. I've mounted the seat base through 5/8 inch plywood, which is epoxied. Then I added another piece of epoxied 5/8 plywood to the back. I'm running T-bolts through the underside w/ bolts in from the top. I'm then mounting this deck to the old aluminum bases from the front seat (w/o the old plywood seat top) and also into the old piece of aluminum ladder you see in the image. Is something like this sufficient? or do I need a wider piece of aluminum or stainless steel or something as backing?

Klamath 14' modifications

Posted: 03 May 2018, 22:31
by Tin Man
Hey Andrew-

I just purchased a similar boat.....2009 Bayrunner-Model Valco BR-15 Manufactured by Klamath Boats.

Perhaps we can share ideas since I plan on similar mods. Right now I'm working on dialing in the trailer (tongue extension, bunks, bearings, axle tie plates, etc). Once this is complete, I'll move on to boat.

As far as your wood base and backing with the added alum frame....looks great! Appears stout and should be solid.
Did you consider alum plating on backing?

I'm 6' and 280 and plan on similar backing and framing. I will be using 3/4 ply for my floors.

Looks like you are going with the 2 3/8 bases which is my choice as well.

I plan on short 1"-2" extensions on seat bases at stern and center benches, and on floor, between rear and center benches, will be 15" extensions. The rear 15" is so that I can fish 360 degrees, as rear bench only allows less than 180 degrees and it all forward. Bow extension also allows for 360 degree fishing.

Here's a set up that will be similar to mine: ... 21&t=13158