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Post by sunshine » 17 Feb 2016, 15:21

Yes, you are correct. Determining the actual levels of those individual nutrients is cost and time prohibitive for the average DIY guy. When preparing your solution you dose according to your targeted plants liking with the assumption that they will consume it proportionally to their published needs.

Knowing your conductivity/TDS is not necessary by any measure but just helps you dial it in a bit better. Otherwise you are waiting for your plants to show you signs that the solution needs changed out or doing it on a time schedule, which may result in either wasted nutes or slowed growth.

Also, if you are intending on using municipal or well water instead of distilled or RO water in your nutrient solution preparation, consider the nutrient/mineral levels (hardness) in your starting water when calculating your additions, this will vary greatly by location.

I mentioned it previously, but it's also good to give the plants a day or two of clean water lacking any additions in between every couple/few solution changes to flush any salt build up out.

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Post by Butthead » 23 Feb 2016, 15:01

I was totally thinking this was going to be a Colorado discussion.

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