I'm an idiot!

Talk about anything that floats your boat (no pun intended). This is general talk about anything not related to boating/fishing.
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I'm an idiot!

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A while back a got a screaming deal on a late 90's Nissan 8hp 2 stroke motor. As it was on a sailboat, and the previous owners told me it was a long shaft, I figured it was. Tape measure said it was just a bit over 21" to the prop shaft. So today's plan was to build a engine stand for the 'long shaft' Nissan and the new Tohatsu 6hp SS that is on the way. The new unit will power both my tinny and sailboat as the 8hp is to heavy for the wind wagon. My idea was to build a stand big enough to hold both outboards (LS and SS) and be able to slip a bucket under to do short runs to clean out from a saltwater trip, quick test fire, run the fuel dry, etc. Looking into the dimensions of the Nissan for the height of the planned project, the dang thing is a Short Shaft!! I could have been wasting irreplaceable fossil fuel all season!!

Why did I not look into those dimensions sooner? I guess I'm an idiot. Either way the 8 hp has not run at all this season, but will probably get started in the AM and potentially might hit the closest body of water over the weekend. The good news is now I have a setup to dedicate to my tinny.

Lessons learned the hard way last a lifetime.

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I'm an idiot!

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That shaft does look long and spindly on small outboards. My rig came with a Yamaha 6hp long shaft as a kicker. I swear it's 6' long.
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I'm an idiot!

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I have accepted being an idiot as a way of life...

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I'm an idiot!

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bobberboy » Yesterday, 06:36 wrote:I have accepted being an idiot as a way of life...

Me, too...
Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off NOW.

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I'm an idiot!

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I'd say if that was the biggest mistake you made all day, you did alright.
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