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PostPosted: 24 Aug 2010, 09:37 
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This morning...heading to work...minding my own business and avoiding the highway traffic by taking some back roads. I've gone this same route for years. All of these back roads have a speed limit of 35mph. That's plenty fast as they are mostly only a handful of blocks long before I turn at a stop sign. The last turn I make runs right in front of a school that usually has a clever saying posted out on their marquee. As I was driving by reading that marquee this morning, listening to the radio, in a good mood, on the other side of the road was a cop. I saw him clear as day, but didn't give it a second thought.........until he was behind me with his lights on. My first thought....ooooh, I have to get out of the way so I slowed down and hugged the sidewalk as close as I could. He stayed behind me. Did I do something wrong??? So, I pulled over and sure enough...he stopped behind me. When he walked up to my window, I heard, "License please". I glanced back and asked if I had done something wrong. "Uuuuuhhha" was all I got. As I handed him my license...I just got a quick look at his face and he kind of looked familiar, but I'm looking up his nose and into the sun. " I THOUGHT I RECOGNIZED YOU" he said. I turned and looked up again to realize that I'd just been pulled over by a guy that sings in the choir that I lead at church. Awe Geeez....what did I do I asked. Turns out...just as I turned, and read the marquee I must have missed a sign that said 25mph and he clocked me going 36. I have to admit that I've never noticed a change in speed posted there as long as I've gone this way. He asked me where I worked and then said, "now you know where I work....have a nice day".

These guys have a tough and thankless job, but I'm grateful that I got so lucky this morning. Won't make that mistake again and will certainly look for the 25mph sign next time instead of the marquee!


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PostPosted: 24 Aug 2010, 11:02 
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LOL - I got pulled over by the head deacon of my church. Kids were in the back, one had unbuckled himself. The guy had lights on and everything, walked up and asked me how church was on Sunday. :shock:

I didn't think I had been speeding!

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PostPosted: 24 Aug 2010, 18:34 
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At least he was nice about it and apperantly thinks your a decent guy too. Otherwise you would ahve gotten the ticket. :mrgreen:

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PostPosted: 26 Aug 2010, 08:04 
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Must have been a tenor....we're generally nicer than basses. 8)

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