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by Pappy
09 Jun 2010, 20:06
Forum: Motors
Topic: How hot is too hot for an outboard?
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How hot is too hot for an outboard?

The engine was designed to warm up at idle and cool down at higher throttle settings. A warm 2-cycle engine will idle better than a cold one any day of the week. The thermostat will usually run the engine somewhere around 135f at idle if operating properly. Have found through the years that the stat...
by Pappy
03 Jun 2010, 22:50
Forum: Motors
Topic: 1960's johnson fuel mix
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1960's johnson fuel mix

To answer your question...Yes, technology changed. The overall change from Bushings to bearings along the crank and rods allowed the leaner fuel/oil mix. Engines that have bushings should always be run on the richer 24:1 mixture regardless of todays oils vs yesterdays oils. Bushings simply require m...
by Pappy
03 Jun 2010, 20:00
Forum: Boat House
Topic: water fuel seperator question
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water fuel seperator question

Same side or opposite sides makes no difference. Mount it high enough so that you can get the cannister off conveniently and often. One thing to remember about all "Water seperators" is that you only have protection against water ingestion as long as the water building up in the bottom of the cannis...
by Pappy
03 Jun 2010, 19:50
Forum: Boat House
Topic: a bimini on a jon
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a bimini on a jon

Have seen quite a few of the Alumacraft style boats down here in Florida with a Bimini on them. Helps with the sun and definitely a plus when you have company onboard!
by Pappy
02 Jun 2010, 20:20
Forum: Motors
Topic: Gearcase Oil....old outboard
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Gearcase Oil....old outboard

It should work just fine. I currently use the BRP version of current lubricant for my old motors and no detrimental effects. Nice thing about the BRP version is that it can maintain 100% effectiveness with up to 25% water absorption. I imagine Merc's stuff is comparible. Viscosity wise you are in th...
by Pappy
01 Jun 2010, 20:03
Forum: Motors
Topic: need a motor stand plan or template
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need a motor stand plan or template

Made these out of 1x6s and 1x4s. Plenty strong and depending on the fasteners you use you can take apart and fold up after use. I never do that as I have too many engines that need stands all the time,
by Pappy
01 Jun 2010, 19:54
Forum: Motors
Topic: 40 hp Johnson control question
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40 hp Johnson control question

If you have what is considered a "concealed" side mount control (only thing visible is the handle and maybe a small plastic bezel) then there should be a button in the center of the pivot that you can depress while in neutral and advance the throttle without going into gear. Once the handle returns ...
by Pappy
31 May 2010, 13:43
Forum: Boat House
Topic: too heavy in the back end/ plowing through the water.
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too heavy in the back end/ plowing through the water.

A 12' boat is not the best for the kind of weight and placement you have in it. A 14' would do much better but you have what you have so.... 1st - Move the fuel tank as far forward as you can get it. Extend the fuel line if necessary. 2nd - Move the battery as far forward as possible also. Extend ca...
by Pappy
30 May 2010, 22:37
Forum: Motors
Topic: Primer On Old Outboards
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Primer On Old Outboards

I have one of the 10hp engines you are looking for! Its a QD model. Great running condition with all the necessary service parts replaced with NOS parts. Can part with this one as I have a second one in a million pieces waiting on me to put it back into service. Am a collector also.
by Pappy
30 May 2010, 22:27
Forum: Motors
Topic: 71 evinrude 6HP , points, carburator.
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Flywheel removal on 71 evinrude 6HP

The retaining rung underneath the brass ring pictured should be loose in the stage it is in. there are four screws in the mag plate that bring that ring up and into the brass ring pictured. Just remove what you see and lube it and re-install the mag plate assembly.
by Pappy
26 May 2010, 08:38
Forum: Motors
Topic: 9.9 johnson
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9.9 johnson

The best way is to change the inner exhaust can or tuner AND change the carb. That way you come out with a 15hp. Parts are available (depending on what year) and the job is not difficult if mechanically inclined.
by Pappy
25 May 2010, 19:06
Forum: Motors
Topic: 1993 15hp johnson
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1993 15hp johnson

Almost all the late model 9.9s and 15s from OMC were pretty much bullet proof when used with common sense and a little care. Sounds like a decent deal, have you been looking in Craigslist long enough to get a trend on the prices for that model?
by Pappy
25 May 2010, 19:00
Forum: Motors
Topic: 1958 18hp Evinrude Fastwin
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1958 18hp Evinrude Fastwin

Points on that engine are to be set at .020". There is a cam that fits on the crank that the points ride on. On the top of the lobe you will see the word "Top".Make sure the cam follower on the points are close to centered on the top of the lobe and set your points at a loose .020 and re-check after...
by Pappy
23 May 2010, 19:15
Forum: Boat House
Topic: Old Alumacraft Shallow V, New Design
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Old Alumacraft Shallow V, New Design

Hope you are running 24:1 in that old Johnson. Those are great engines and will run forever if you take care of them. Nice job on the boat! I just got done undoing the evils of a really poor attempt at that on my newly acquired 1966 Alumacraft 16'. Mine is done as well and serves as a realy nice boa...
by Pappy
23 May 2010, 18:48
Forum: Motors
Topic: 1964 Johnson 18 horse
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1964 Johnson 18 horse

Start watching Craigslist and wait for a donor engine for a powerhead. Most will not need a rebuild. Many different years of both Johnson And Evinrude will fit your mid-section. Will be a straight bolt-on repair and your darb and ignition components will work as well. In the meantime....rebuild your...